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Vaillant full logo cut out

Renewable energy     Eco-friendly      The 'Game Changer'     Highly Efficient      Funding Available     Future-proof

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Vaillant Logo Cutout
Vaillant Logo Cutout
Vaillant Logo Cutout
Vaillant Logo Cutout
Vaillant Logo Cutout

IT PAYS TO HEAT - Utilise the interest free loan of up to £10,000 available for renewables and up to 75% cashback against the cost of the appliance (Scotland only)

MONEY BACK - Save on energy costs with one of the most efficient heat pumps out there, the aroTHERM plus has an energy rating of A+++

GOOD FOR THE EARTH - The natural refrigerant (R290) used in the aroTHERM plus travels within monobloc technology and a hermetically sealed refrigerant circuit, maintaining its incredibly low Global Warming Potential (GWP) - Eco-friendly as well as good looking

HOT WATER - The aroTHERM plus can provide up to 25% more usable hot water with a 75°C flow temperature - you won't need that immersion any more...

QUIETLY COOL - Your neighbours will be pleased to know that the aroTHERM plus received the Quiet Mark seal of approval with a sound power as low as 54 bB(A)






Save money with a touch
The sensoCOMFORT controls from Vaillant offer a touch interface, providing you with user-friendly navigation and set-up. It operates the aroTHERM plus at its most efficient using modulating technology. The sensoCOMFORT can be linked with Vaillant’s clever ambiSENSE wireless thermostatic radiator valves, allowing effortless room-by-room control of temperature and system efficiency, bringing those heating costs down even further. Easy-viewing of your energy usage makes the sensoCOMFORT a great tool when assessing and understanding your heating behaviours. Vaillant’s sensoCOMFORT controls even compensate for weather changes, instructing your boiler how hard to work and preventing excess energy usage. The Vaillant sensoCOMFORT controls can be installed both wired and wirelessly. Fancy giving the controls a try? Click here and select 'Air Source'

Comfort at the tip of your finger
The sensoAPP from Vaillant allows for remote access to your heating and hot water, putting you in control of those delays home from work and those early finishes (here’s hoping) by delaying or advancing your heating ahead of time.
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For future-proof, lasting comfort at home 

Vaillant is a family owned business with over 140 years experience as a global leader in the development of high-efficiency heating, cooling and hot water products and solutions. In the UK, Vaillant deliver premium quality heating systems that are German engineered and UK manufactured. Vaillant products all feature high energy efficiency, low emissions and an enviable reputation for performance, quality and reliability.
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