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Renewable wood fuel      Carbon neutral heating      Carbon footprint reduction      Funding available

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Decorative & Utility Pellet Boilers

Italian design and manufacture, KLOVER offer an extensive, quality-soaked range of biomass boilers and pellet stoves. We are the Scottish distributors of KLOVER products and the combination of years of installation experience and hundreds of happy, warm customers all over Scotland prove their excellence. Change to renewable biomass heating today and check out what funding you could receive.

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Domestic & Light Commercial Pellet Boilers

Froling’s wood and pellet boilers can be found all over Europe, manufactured in Austria & Germany, they’ve climbed their way into the big leagues in the Renewables industry. Easy to use, highly efficient with low emissions, this quiet burner sits neatly into the boiler room and even cleans itself automatically. The P4 pellet boiler is our go-to for larger Domestic installs. Click below to find out more.

FROLING P4 Pellet brochure front

Click to download the Brochure

Browse our range of pellet boilers and log boilers below, either hit the button to find out more or use the quick download icon to peruse the brochure of each manufacturer. The brochure will provide the most up to date appliances and their specs, if you want to get into the nitty gritty. Like what you see? Then click the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen and lets talk! - Greenflame are one of the leading installers of Renewables in Scotland - our heating engineers are well-versed in all things biomass!

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