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Why should I choose Air Source?

Save money and save the planet, by switching your central heating from old-fashioned fossil fuels to an air source heat pump. With the ability to become fully renewable and reducing your annual heating costs, an air source heat pump is the appliance that’s taking the market by storm.

How it works

Sitting quietly outside, an air-to-water heat pump will pull even the smallest amount of heat from the external air and transfer it to your heating and hot water. This technology is economic as the heat it provides is greater than the energy required to run it (electricity) and you’re seriously reducing your CO2 emissions while you’re at it! The Vaillant aroTHERM plus is one of the leading air-to-water heat pumps available on the market today, using a natural refrigerant to efficiently extract that heat from the outside air. Check out the handy video below from Energy Saving Trust:

So many perks £££

Gain an income with UK & Scottish Government funded schemes – the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) and the interest free loan.

Get rid of the faff

Easy to install, easy on the eye, no more fuel deliveries and no more annual services. Professional servicing is only required every 2-3 years with air source heat pumps: all you need to do is make sure no pesky leaves or plants are making friends with the unit outside, keeping the inlet grill free of debris.

Suitable or Ideal?

  • Suitable if: You have room outside to place the heat pump either on the ground or on a wall, with sufficient space around it for air-flow.

  • Ideal if: You have underfloor heating.

  • Suitable if: You have an existing wet central heating system (if one isn’t present, you would be required to have one installed if choosing an air source heat pump air-to-water)

  • Ideal if: Your home is well-insulated (but don’t worry, that can also be something that can be improved if you think it needs it!)

  • Ideal if: You’re switching from electric heating.

  • Suitable if: You’re switching from LPG/OIL

  • Ideal if: You’re looking for an easy installation

The main reason you should choose and Air Source Heat Pump...

The world is moving forward and everyone is making those small changes to help push us into a renewable, clean future. Switching to an air source heat pump today could not be easier nor could it be more profitable! Is today your day to switch? We hope so, and we’ll be with you all the way if you choose Greenflame Installations.

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