Jotul F100 Ivory stove Greenflame Installations Ltd


160 Years of battling the cold means that Jotul's Norwegian producers are one of the longest running and you're guaranteed wonderful craftsmanship.  

Chilli Penguin stoves The Fat Penguin Greenflame


The new kid on the block - so cool it attracts penguins. Clever, unique and efficient design gives Chilli Penguin the edge it deserves. Great for even the smallest spaces.

Opus Harmony PR stove Greenflame Installations


Focus on the flame - Opus stoves want to capture every curling moment of that wonderful flame  it so efficiently creates. Don't miss a flicker with an Opus.

Ekol Crystal 5 Wood Burning Stove Greenflame Installations


Ultra-clean, environmentally concerned, burning machines from Ekol. Size isn't everything when you're trying to do your bit for the planet. 

Hunter Herald 6 stove double sided double dept Greenflame Installations


Born from the ashes, this Herald line from the Hunter Group's range of stoves will leave no one in the cold. Stoves with an environmentally friendly impact.


Everyone knows the name, but did you know that AGA made stoves? These personality and history-filled stoves are a talking point in any room.


We are the leading distributors of KLOVER appliances in Scotland and they just keep giving! A beautiful new range of pellet stoves from KLOVER are worth a look!


Built to last, Esse stoves are hardware that'll last. Practical because they want to be and beautiful because they can be. 

Aduro Wood Stove


Danish design and innovative technology, Aduro combines aesthetic, user friendliness and would please anyone who loves new tech. 


Unique design, to house the perfect flame. User-friendly, discreet but brave design and innovation, Scan provide a completely new vision of what a stove can be.



Intricate cast iron, built to last and crystal clear glass design. Franco Belge have been hitting it out of the park for over 90 years. They know their stuff!

Saltfire Stoves


A little stove, but with big ambition. Saltfire stoves provide a smaller pay out but for big efficiency rewards. Not to be underestimated. 

Woodfire stoves


Side opening, up and down doors, double sided, full flame view, the Woodfire range is tough to beat when it comes to inserts. Boiler models also available.

Walltherm Wood Stove


Combining the traditional stove with the attributes and efficiency of  a log gasification boiler. Walltherm provides an unbeatable 93% efficiency. Available as a stove pr boiler. 

Fondis Woodfire stove


Well-being has been the main focus for Fondis, Relying on the customer for inspiration is probably why their stoves are so beautiful. Technique, performance, design, and ecology.