Care & Maintenance of your Wood Burner

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your wood burning stove is important to ensure that your system works efficiently. Below are some handy tips on how to look after your stove...

Always use well-seasoned wood

Wood needs to be well seasoned before it is burnt in a stove. The performance levels announced by the manufacturers are achieved in conditions defined by the current standard, and using dry fire wood. Only compressed wood briquettes may be used as a substitute. The wood you use should have a humidity rate lower than 20%. Different woods take varying amounts of time to season but, as a general guide, before being used in a stove, wood should be cut to length, split and then stacked under cover (with the sides open to the air) for at least a year. It is then good practice to have it in the log basket, inside the house, for a few days before it is actually used in the wood burner.


Arrange regular chimney sweeps

You should have your chimney swept at least once a year before the start of the burning season but ideally this should be carried out every 6 months in order to ensure good vacuity and to reduce the risk of chimney fire.

Clean the glass

Part of the regular care of your wood burning stove will be cleaning the glass. This should always be done when the stove is cold. There are a number of stove glass cleaning products available but a damp rag dipped in a little ash will usually do the job very effectively.



Ash should be cleaned out from the stove once it starts to build up to a level which restricts the volume of wood which can be burnt. The ash itself acts as an insulating layer at the base of the stove and in no way harms the operation of the stove. The nature and quality of the wood influence the volume of ashes produced.​ Dispose of hot ash safely into a suitable metal bucket. 


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