Fondis Ulys-900

Ulys 900



Woodfire Insert Stove

Price From: £3,583.33 + VAT

The Ulys 900 has a full glass frame and door which slides smoothly up into the wall to open. Able to run efficiently at low outputs and can be connected to an external air supply. Air sealed versions are available, suited to modern, well insulated houses. The Zero CO versions have a catalytic converter reducing carbon monoxide and particulates by 90% and further increasing efficiency by 5-10%. 

The Ulys 900 is also available as a double sided stove, providing a stunning feature as well as the ability to heat the entire house.

Models in this range:



Ulys 900 Output: 5.3-15.9kw, Air: 15.9kw, Efficiency: 78%, Dimensions: 1418x789x644mm

Ulys 900 Zero CO Output: 4.9-14.7kw, Air: 14.7kw, Efficiency: 79%, Dimensions: 1618x939x644mm