Fondis Ulys-700

Ulys 700



Woodfire Insert Stove

Price From: £3,250.00 + VAT

The Ulys 700 has a full glass frame with doors that slide smoothly up into the wall. Able to run efficiently at low outputs and can be connected to an external air supply. Air-sealed versions are available, suited to modern, well insulated houses. The zero CO versions have a catalytic converter reducing carbon monoxide and particulates by 90% and further increasing efficiency by 5-10%.

Models in this range:



Ulys 700 Output: 3.53-10.6kw, Air: 10.6kw, Efficiency: 79%, Dimensions: 1418x789x644mm

Ulys 700 Zero CO Output: 3.5-10.5kw, Air: 10.5kw, Efficiency: 86%, Dimensions: 1418x789x644mm