Klover Smart 120
Klover Smart 120
Klover Smart 120

Smart 120 British Traditional



Pellet Boiler Cooker

Price From: £6904.76 + VAT

The Smart 120 British Traditional has the same high efficiency and automation of the contemporary Smart 120 but with a more traditional look. All the models have a black enamel top and a single coloured body. It will provide all of your heating and hot water needs as well as qualifying for the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme. The Smart 120 is not just a ‘good looker’ but also performs with an efficiency of over 90% and large enough output for most 4 bedroom sized properties. The Smart 120 lights automatically when you choose, using it’s built in programmer/clock timer. On the left hand side, there is a built in hopper, which holds 32 kilos of wood pellets with a lift up lid to enable easy refilling.



  • Fire View

  • Hydraulic Kit

  • Boiler Control

  • Easy to Clean

  • Weekly Programmer

  • Room Thermostat

  • Remote Control

  • Domestic Hot Water

  • DHW Priority

  • 3 Way Valve Control

  • Cooking Hotplate

Technical Details


  • Nominal Heat Output: 22.7 kw (reduced 6.9kw)

  • Nominal Heat Output to Water: 18.8kw (reduced 4.5kw)

  • Nominal Heat Output to Air: 3.7kw (reduced 2.4kw)

  • Efficiency at Rated Power: 91.1% (reduced 92%)

  • Pellet Tank Capacity: 32kg

  • Net Weight: 290kg

  • Dimensions WxHxD: 1200x875x600mm

Cooking on a Smart 120

To find out what it’s like to cook with a Smart 120, take a look at the video and links below...


Klover Smart 120

Pellet Boiler Cooker in Traditional Red