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Woodfire Inset Boiler Stove

Price From: £1,533.33 + VAT

The Woodfire RX stoves, with a choice of nine different models, represent the widest choice of high-efficiency boiler stoves on the market today. With a three-sided firebox boiler as well as heat exchanger tubes above, they capture all the available heat and can pass it into a thermal store or directly into the heating circuit. All models are firebrick lined to ensure a high firebox temperature and thus a clean and efficient burn. Every stove has a flue draught damper to prevent over-drawing, and so maximises efficiency whatever the chimney height, and full control over primary and secondary air to allow slow burning.

Models in this range:


RX 12 Output: 3-12kw, Air: 3kw, Water: 9kw, Efficiency: 79%, Dimensions: 645x680x485mm

RX 15 Output: 3-15kw, Air: 4kw, Water: 11kw, Efficiency: 80%, Dimensions: 860x620x535mm

RX 20 Output: 4-20kw, Air: 5.5kw, Water: 14.5kw, Efficiency 80%, Dimensions: 860x680x535mm

RX 25 Output: 5-25kw, Air: 6kw, Water: 19kw, Efficiency 80%, Dimensions: 960x710x535mm

RX 30 Output: 6-30kw, Air: 7, Water: 23kw, Efficiency 80%, Dimensions: 960x800x535mm