Woodfire RX20 DS
Woodfire RX 30 DS

RX Double Sided Stove



Woodfire Inset Boiler Stove

Price From: £2,358.33 + VAT

A double sided stove adds a whole new dimension to any house. Built into the party wall, inset double sided fires take the minimum of space and yet the boiler models are still capable of running the full central heating system and the domestic hot water as well as directly warming both rooms. Unlike a freestanding stove, a double sided inset stove gives that cosy feel to both rooms without necessitating the big opening between them that a freestanding double sided stove requires.

Models in this range:



RX 20 DS Output: 5-20w, Air: 8kw, Water: 12kw, Efficiency: 80%, Dimensions: 860x680x595mm

RX 30 DS Output: 6-30kw, Air: 12kw, Water: 18kw, Efficiency 80%, Dimensions: 960x800x595mm

RX 30 DS Panorama Output: 6-30kw, Air: 12kw, Water: 18kw, Efficiency 80%, Dimensions: 960x1100x595mm