Woodfire RH 21 LD Panorama

RH LD Insert Stoves



Woodfire Lifting Door Insert Stove

Price From: £2,666.67 + VAT

The vertical lifting door range gives the very best in wood burning inset stoves. RH lifting-door stoves have generously sized fireboxes, huge windows to see the flames through, a controllable, clean burning fire that has wonderful flame patterns - and all accessed through a counterbalanced up-and-down door. Should you feel like sitting by an open fire then simply slide the door up and out of the way. The warmth can circulate through the room and around the house or some of it can be ducted directly to other areas of the home.

Models in this range:



RH 17 LD Output: 4-17w, Air: 17kw, Efficiency: 80%, Dimensions: 1270x926x595mm

RH 21 LD Panorama Output: 5-21kw, Air: 21kw, Efficiency 80%, Dimensions: 1370x1226x595mm

RH 21 LD Panorama Ultra Output: 5-21kw, Air: 21kw, Efficiency 80%, Dimensions: 1470x1526x595mm