Woodfire RH 17 DS

RH DS Insert Stove



Woodfire Double Sided Insert Stove

Price From: £1,983.33 + VAT

An RH double sided inset stove is a great way to make two rooms warm and snug with one fire or to create a wonderful central feature for a large room. An RH 21 DS Panorama gives a superb wide view of the fire and can be loaded with wood from either side. By using adjustable vents, the amount of heat going into each room can be controlled, depending on whether one or both rooms are in use, and warmth can also be ducted upstairs.

Models in this range:



RH 14 DS Output: 4-14w, Air: 14kw, Efficiency: 80%, Dimensions: 1120x680x610mm

RH 17 DS Output: 5-17kw, Air: 17kw, Efficiency 80%, Dimensions: 1120x800x611mm

RH 21 DS Panorama Output: 6-21kw, Air: 21kw, Efficiency 80%, Dimensions: 1165x1100x610mm