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Woodfire Insert Stove

Price From: £1,608.33 + VAT

These beautifully designed stoves can be installed higher up in the wall to create a very contemporary look or can be positioned within a fire surround to give the best of both worlds - the feel of a traditional fireplace but without the draughts and loss of heat associated with an open fire. Utilising primary, secondary and tertiary air to the firebox, RH inset stoves burn the wood cleanly and efficiently, and the resulting warmth can be ducted to other rooms or right around the house.

Models in this range:



RH 14 Output: 3-14w, Air: 14kw, Efficiency: 80%, Dimensions: 1070x680x567mm

RH 17 Output: 4-17kw, Air: 17kw, Efficiency 80%, Dimensions: 1070x800x571mm

RH 21 Panorama Output: 5-21kw, Air: 21kw, Efficiency 80%, Dimensions: 1170x1100x569mm