Klover PFP 18

Pellet Fire Place 18



Central Heating Pellet Insert Stove

Price From: £4,190.48 + VAT

The Pellet Fireplace is a unique and stylish product which not only connects to your central heating system but introduces a living flame into your living room for a cosy ambience. The Pellet Fireplace is also an incredibly versatile product, due to the fact that it can be installed almost anywhere. It is simply installed and boxed in with no access panels required. It can be installed into an existing fireplace or in the corner of a room. Pellets are poured into a drawer which slides out from the top of the stove and when shut fills its internal hopper which holds 25kg. The whole Pellet Fireplace slides forward to allow for routine maintenance. Boasting an efficiency of 91%, this product will heat a good sized home of three to four bedrooms, depending on level of insulation.



  • Fire View

  • Hydraulic Kit

  • Boiler Control

  • Easy to Clean

  • Weekly Programmer

  • Room Thermostat

  • Remote Control

Technical Details


  • Nominal Heat Output: 14.7 kw (reduced 5.6kw)

  • Nominal Heat Output to Water: 12.6kw (reduced 4.0kw)

  • Nominal Heat Output to Air: 2.2kw (reduced 1.6kw)

  • Efficiency at Rated Power: 91% (reduced 94.3kw) 

  • Pellet Tank Capacity: 25kg

  • Net Weight: 185kg

  • Dimensions WxHxD: 760x686x675mm