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Where can I source wood pellets? All wood pellet fuel used with the Biomass Heating System should meet the standard BSEN14961 and be purchased from a BSL approved supplier (BSL). If you don’t use an approved fuel, you risk losing your RHI payments. We advise that you keep your receipts for auditing purposes. To find out about the pellets we sell click here.


How do I store my wood pellets? Wood pellets are available in 10kg or 15kg sealed bags which can be stored in your home or in an out building. They should be kept out of the rain as bags are perforated and will spoil. Kept in dry conditions they will last indefinitely.


How often does my pellet boiler need to be serviced? If you are receiving RHI payments, it is essential that you arrange yearly services for your Biomass Boiler. If you do not receive RHI, arranging an annual service is still important in maintaining an efficient boiler and heating system. Click here for more info.


Does my system have a warranty? All of our wood fires and pellet boilers come with a standard warranty. The length of cover can vary depending on the system you have. Contact a member of our team to find out more. Contact us


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