The Hungry Penguin



The Hungry Penguin

Multi fuel stove with oven

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The original Chilli Penguin.

This stove does it all, it keeps you warm, cooks your dinner, boils your kettle and if you've got a boiler model it will heat your water for you as well. It's ideal for canal boats, studios and homes where you don't want to dependant on mains gas, oil or electric.

Cooking on a Penguin...

All the Chilli Penguin cooking models have an oven box and top plate. The oven temperature can reach up to 300°C, but it will tick over comfortably at between 140-180°C. You can fit a small saucepan and kettle on the top plate.

Technical Details:

Nominal Output: 5kw, Efficiency (wood/smokeless fuel): 79%/83%  Dimensions: H683mm W380mm D355mm

Colour Options: Charred Red, Evergreen, Polar Bear Belly, Storm Blue, Seal grey, Penguin Black

Additional Options Available: Stainless Steel Top Plate, Log Plinth.