Rocal G30 LD
Rocal G45 LD
Rocal G45LI



G30 & 45 LD/LI

Woodburning Insert Stove


The G30 & G45 models feature a 2 sided sliding glass door. This gives a lovely view of the flames from 2 angles and you can choose to have either a left hand corner or a right hand corner.

Models in this range:


G30 LD & LI: Output: 15kw, Efficiency: 72%, 

Dimensions of burn chamber

Height 522.5 x Width 889 x Depth 587.5

G45 LD & LI: Output: 19kw, Efficiency: 71%, 

Dimensions of burn chamber

Height 493 x Width 1084 x Depth 588


  • Ash pan removal from above

  • Sliding and side opening door

  • Steel combustion chamber

  • Reversible refractory lining in black

  • Optional hot air conduction

  • Optional frame available