E Compact Pellet Boiler
E Compact Pellet Boiler

E Compact



Pellet Utility Boiler

Price From: £4,571.43 + VAT

The E Compact pellet boiler is new to the Klover range and can easily be installed into a garage or utility room. 

Available in two sizes 23.3kw or 26.8kw, both have a high efficiency level of 95%. The E Compact burns cleanly with low emissions, is good for the environment and economic.



  • Robust steel covering.

  • Vermiculite and glass fibre insulation.

  • Sealed combustion chamber.

  • Top and rear flue connections.

  • Plumbing connections at the top.

  • All plumbing equipment included as standard supply.

  • Hermetic brazier cleaning system.

  • Frontal clean system.

  • Integrated safety sensors.

  • Silent cleaning system.

  • External room thermostat control.

Technical Details

  • Nominal Heat Output to Water: 23.3kw or 26.8kw depending on model.

  • Efficiency at Rated Power: 95.3% 

  • Pellet Tank Capacity: 75kg

  • Dimensions WxHxD: 118cmx122cmx57cm

  • Weight: 380kg