Woodfire CXC 12
Woodfire CX 12
Woodfire CXT 12

CX Freestanding Boiler Stoves



Woodfire Freestanding Boiler Stove

Price From: £1,500.00 + VAT

These freestanding models have a high heat output to water and a low output to the room, making them perfect for a well-insulated, modern house. They can have 100% direct air and can be installed into a pressurised or open vented system. Having primary, secondary and tertiary combustion air makes them both highly efficient and very clean burning.

Models in this range:



CX 12 Output: 2-11w, Air: 1.8kw, Water: 9kw, Efficiency: 82%, Dimensions: 828x520x450mm

CXC 12 Output: 2-11kw, Air: 1.8kw, Water: 9kw, Efficiency 82%, Dimensions: 828x520x450mm

CXT 12 Output: 2-11kw, Air: 1.8kw, Water: 9kw, Efficiency 82%, Dimensions: 810x520x450mm