Our service costs

excludes logistics

£144 inc. VAT

£330 inc. VAT

£156 inc. VAT


OTHER boiler

or stove

£174 inc. VAT

inc. Bioflame

Other Boiler (up to 28kW) £216 inc. VAT

Stove £120 inc. VAT

If you are receiving Renewable Heating Incentive Payments, it is essential that you arrange yearly services for your biomass boiler to meet RHI requirements, as below. If you do not receive RHI, arranging an annual service is still important in maintaining an efficient boiler and heating system.

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RHI Requirements

'During RHI audits, the owner of the system will have to demonstrate evidence that the install has been maintained over the 7 year period to allow the customer to receive the RHI payments. This is customer arranged and is not the installer's responsibility - although customers need to be made aware of their obligations. The customer is able to satisfy this requirement by providing receipts to show that the system has been maintained' ~ MCS 2015