Aduro 9&9 air

Aduro 9 & 9 Air



Wood-Burning Stove

Price From: £1492.40 + VAT

The Aduro 9 features side glass panels giving a unique 180-degree view of the fire. The Aduro 9 is also available with an external air supply, meaning air for combustion can be brought from outside and led directly into the stove. The actual air intake is concealed by installing it behind or below the stove. The obvious choice for anyone with a very air tight house.

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Aduro 9 Output: 6kw, Efficiency: 81.5%, Dimensions: 95.8x50x44.7mm

Aduro 9 Air  Output: 6kw, Efficiency: 81.5%, Dimensions: 95.8x50x44.7mm


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